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The Bald Guys Newsletter

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The sexiest, toughest, smartest men on earth have one thing in common. They're all...

100% BALD
and Damn Proud of It!

Stop being a pansy. Raise your self-esteem eight or nine notches in less than ten minutes. Lose the receding hair line, the wig, the comb-over, the crown and the shame you've felt...

Shave your Head Bald

Stop Hiding Behind Ridiculous Hairstyles, Rubbing Deadly Chemicals On Your Melon, Wasting Thousands of Dollars on Painful Surgeries and Wearing Dead Animals on Your Head - Stand Up, Take the Bald Challenge...and Be Your Best Self

Dear Balding Friend,

I know you want to keep your hair no matter what it takes.

Maybe you think that baldness is a sign that you aren't young anymore. Maybe you think that now you're going bald that women won't be attracted to you like they used to be.

Maybe you think you're stuck with that ridiculous looking hairstyle you have now because that's just how your hair has fallen out and there's nothing you can do.

Well...I've got one word for you...


You are way more than your hair, buddy. And it's time you took control...
Billy Huff
Billy Huff - The Bald Guy

You...A Bald, Handsome, Sexy, Healthy and Successful Man

Bald men are some of the sexiest, healthiest, powerful and most influential men in society.

For thousands of years, bald men have been making history and forging their own paths in life. They didn't spend their time worrying about how they look or what others thought about their hair. They knew who they were and what they wanted and they let nothing stand in their way.

You can be the same way. You can decide to take action...show Mother Nature who's really in charge...and Shave It Off.

Here's What's NOT Going to Happen When You Decide to Go Bald and Shave It Off
• No one is going to think you've suffered a "Britney Spears" moment

• No one is going to think you just got out of the cancer ward

• No one is going to think you are a Monk or Hari Krishna

• No one is going to think you are a skinhead

• No one is going to run away in fear from you because you look scary

The #1 Thing That Women Find Sexy in a Man

Confidence is the #1 reason women give as to what makes a man attractive and sexy, and nothing screams confidence more than a cleanly-shaven head.

It shows that you have no fear; that you are comfortable in your own skin. You give off the vibe that says, "I'm the Man and I know it."

That's kryptonite to a woman.

Here's How a Man From Outer Space Faced His Demons About Hair Loss - and Baldly Went Were No Man Had Gone Before...

Don't just take my word for it on this whole "Shave Your Melon" deal; listen below to what none other than Hollywood legend and Award Winning Actor Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," went through as a young, aspiring actor faced with going bald.

His story a combination of humor and sadness; it's both touching and very revealing. In his own words, he speaks about the shame he felt about going bald, how his confidence was shot, and how the bold moves of a friend freed him from his "Shackles of Shame."

This is a wonderful example of what a man may go through as he struggles with his baldness, how he can rise above it - transform himself... and his life.


Patrick Stewart speaks about his baldness.

"Big Pharma" is Literally Sucking the Money Right Out of Your Pocket

There are over 30 million balding men in the United States and the pharmaceutical companies and hair loss industry is a $300 million dollar a year business.

$300 Million Dollars!

How do they suck the money out of you?
• Get you to buy and wear what looks like a dead animal on your head

• Get you to spend tens of thousands of dollars on painful surgical procedures that permanently scar you and have no guarantee of success

• Risk you health by rubbing potentially dangerous chemical compounds into your scalp

• Get you to believe that some cream (that you have to buy and use the rest of your life) can actually re-grow all of your hair
What makes this an even bigger steaming pile of elephant dung is when they tell you that they want to "cure" male pattern baldness.

Big Pharma and the hair loss industry aren't interested in curing baldness. There's no money in the cure. The money's in the treatment.

Baldness and Hidden Health Dangers

Our baldness is caused by the hormone DHT - dihydrotestosterone - which is an active form of testosterone. We've got too much of it, which means we are "extra masculine."

But this also means we have to be on the lookout for:
• Metabolic Syndrome

• Insulin Resistance

• Diabetes

• Heart Disease

• Prostate Problems

• Weight Gain
As an extra masculine Bald Guy, we may be at greater risks from inflammation and all the diseases that stem from it, which means we have to be on top of eating right and working out more than guys with hair.

The Bald Guys Newsletter

Bill Huff

William Harrison Huff, Jr, - "His Baldness" - has Daily Health, Wealth and Success Tips for the Modern Bald Man... YOU. These daily rants are funny, irreverent and designed to keep you thinking... and laughing. Best of all, they're FREE! Sign Up Now.

I Know What You're Going Through... I've Been There

My name is William Harrison Huff, Jr. and I know how you feel.

I had beautiful, blond curly hair as a child. I didn't really notice what was happening until I was in high school and noticed that my forehead seemed to be growing larger. I covered it up by growing my hair longer and longer so no one would notice.

My Dad was bald, my Grandfathers were bald, my Mom had thin hair...baldness was everywhere. But I was different - I was going to do whatever it took to keep my hair.

Until the United States Marine Corps.

In the Marines, you're a stud anyway. You're in shape, aggressive and feel like a badass. Not to mention you keep your hair so short you don't really notice your hairloss.

The truth hit me when I got out of the Marines and started growing hair again. It didn't matter what I tried - I was twenty three and looked like I was in my late thirties because I had my Dad's hairstyle.

It sucked.

After a painful breakup with the woman of my dreams, I was at my lowest point.

I sat looking at myself in the mirror, and said to myself, "Self...it's time for a drastic change."

No more covering it up. No more slouching. No more lack of confidence when talking to people - especially women.

No more hiding - stand up and be myself.

I Shaved It All Off

Hands shaking, I stood up, got my head wet and whacked it off. All of it. Clean like a cueball.

This was 1993 so the clean-shaven head thing wasn't cool yet. There were very few guys walking around sporting a clean melon.

For the first couple of weeks, it was strange. My head felt cool on the pillow; I had to watch out and not burn my head since it was so pale. But then I noticed something interesting...

Everyone Started Treating Me Differently

Friends were complimenting me on how great I looked. Businesspeople treated me more seriously. Women...let's just say it was Good to be King!

Life took off. Everything - and I do mean everything - skyrocketed from that point on.

No More Hiding - Take the Bald Challenge and Stand Up...Be Yourself...Your Best Self

BaldGuysRule.com is the place for you to stand up and be yourself...your best self. This site is all about transformation - transforming you from from Dud to Stud.

Go ahead....Take the Bald Challenge and Go from Dud...to Stud.

Yours in Baldness,

Billy Huff

Billy Huff
The Bald Guy

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